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GTA was established in Athens, Greece, in 1998. It started its international co-operation with Herzog Graphics Engineering GmbH and Ohio Electronic Engravers Inc. in rotogravure industry. In 1999 GTA moved to technical support for apparel industries in co-operation with Xary Katikas SA. During this time, based on the 7 years of experience in the area of industrial and building control systems, GTA provided solutions for complex applications. We take pride in assuring our clients that our applications function effectively and successfully.

From the onset of 2000 the company was moved to new spaces and invested on new areas aiming for the complete change of the way the main electromechanical functions of the buildings are controlled. Acquiring the knowledge of new technologies and aiming at the achievement of open architecture systems, the company does research and development in the area of compatible devices from different manufactures. Therefore, GTA creates a demo control network providing the necessary knowhow.

Combining networks with Seachange devices by SmartKontrols, TAC devices from the group Schneider Electric (based on Echelon LonWorks), EIB/KNX instabus technology, special gateways and advanced software, GTA makes integrated applications of building management systems which are only restricted by our fantasy.

Our constant co-operation with electricians, electronics and mechanical engineers gives us the potentiality to participate in any project, no matter the size or the type of the construction, regardless the area.

In August of 2008 all the GTA activities were transfered to the new company "GTA GEORGIOS TATSIS KAI SIA EE" together with the activities of e-dreams. GTA continues to invest in KNX technology together with a variety of other protocols aiming for one target: One smart control system with a friedly user interface based on open architecture devices and software. [more


GTA mission statement

  • Sevices for the development, application and active maintenance of automation systems for the building area

  • Energy saving applications are fully exploited for the increase of productivity for the electromechanical equipment

  • Production of control units fitted in specific applications according to the clients' individual needs

  • Adaptation and technical support of software for monitoring data in control networks

  • Technical support of high-tech electronic systems



e-dreams mission statement

  • Distribution of new high technology products which can improve and guarantee various automated applications in the smarthome market

  • Trade of KNX devices and other new technology systems in our e-dreams partners network of electricians

  • Promotion and maintenance of e-dreams forums []

more for e-dreams here


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